This service is very popular with both individuals and small groups of people, who like more intensive teaching. I have enjoyed visiting many new and established customers around the country in the past and my thanks go to all, for the kind hospitality given to me. And I look forward to meeting up with you in the future.


You can visit me as an individual, the fee to visit me is: - £150.oo per full day (10:00am - 5:00pm.)

Groups of people from 2-6 can also attend on a block booking, (suit club members) for a week day (full day 10:00am - 5:00pm) at the rate of.

2 people @ £80.oo each.

3 people @ £60.oo each.

4 people @ £55.oo each.

5 people @ £50.oo each.

6 people @ £45.oo each.

For half day workshop or duration’s of less than 5 hours on a 1-2-1 basis, there is an hourly rate applicable: - £30.oo for the first hour then £25.oo for each hour there after. Tuition and light refreshments only. Materials extra or bring your own stock to work upon.



To travel to your venue, my fees are as follows: - for a 6 hour day at the rate of £200.00 plus an expense charge of 45p per mile* plus meal. For longer 8 or 10 hour days please call me for fee details. A weekend fee i.e. 2x6 hour days, will be £375.00 plus plus accommodation/meals and mileage expense of 45p per mile*. A comprehensive range of tools, pots, wire, compost, sundries and w/shop material, can be delivered for you or your group to view/purchase on the day. If you require a specific item please call to order.

The fee for a Club or society evening talk/demo etc is: £125.oo plus 45p per mile*. (Accommodation and meal will be required for long distance trips). Room to park close to venue is required.

*Due to fluctuations in the price of fuel, mileage expenses will be applied on the date of travel.